Enlightenment Is Realizing We Are All Prophets: Karolina Barski

We all have a story to tell, one that will impact another, one that will make another reflect on his or her own life, one that will enlighten, one that will change. It was during the workshops at the Downtown Eastside Centre for the Arts that I had the incredibly fortunate opportunity to listen to many life stories in the circle of community that we had created over only a few months. With who these people were and what their stories told, I realized that each one of them was my teacher. Although many of the stories shared started with hardship, turmoil and grief, the messages in the end were transformed into something hopeful, healing and life-honouring.

And so begins the process of my story. A story that embodies my own personal woes, which through the process of making this quilt, have been let go through many a tear, only to induce a greater growth, love and understanding for the things that I was so naïve about, mostly, myself. It was in the presence of my many prophets, who made themselves vulnerable and shared their stories, for whom I stitched every part of into my tapestry by hand, that I found myself. I realized I wasn’t alone. We were all working through a process together, so that when we finished our quilts, we could let whatever it was go, with a lightness that could only transform and bring a love and acceptance between us… it was in this that I finally found community.


Downtown Eastside Centre for the Arts is auctioning Enlightenment as part of the Fabric Arts Program 2009 – Community Quilt Project.

Creator: Karolina Barski