Thank you for visiting and welcome to the Downtown Eastside Centre for the Arts.

We are pleased to tell you about the Downtown Eastside Centre for the Arts and what we are doing, where we are, where we are going, and the programs, events, and opportunities we offer you to participate and contribute.The Downtown Eastside Centre for the Arts provides opportunities for creative exploration, engagement, and expression in the heart of the city. Through participation in theatre, music, dance, painting, carving, and other forms of creative expression people create connections with themselves and with their community.

Residents of the community can gather together for arts activities inspired by artists and elders who are rich with encouragement, ideas, and curiosity. The Centre gives children, youth, adults, and older folks access to a welcoming environment with art supplies and tools to help them find the artist in themselves.


The Centre gives artists, social enterprises, and community groups interested in contributing to the cultural, social, and community development of the neighbourhood the opportunity to participate in creating the Centre for the Arts.