The Russian Hall

The History of the Russian Hall

The Russian Hall first opened as a Croatian Educational Centre in 1940, but when many of the Yugoslavs moved back to their homeland in 1947 after the war,the building was sold to the Federation of Russian Canadians.

The members of the Federation were largely immigrants from the western region of today’s Belarus and the Northwest Ukraine who arrived in Canada between 1926-1930 in search of a better life. The immigrants organized to improve social conditions during the Depression. Many of the Vancouver pioneers first settled in the Strathcona neighbourhood and rented a space for their activities at 533 East Georgia Street before moving to this hall.

Today the Federation of Russian Canadians works with the Canadian-born descendents of their pioneers as well as with friends of the Federation from various backgrounds. Thousands of people enjoy the variety of events held in this building – concerts and dinners; amazing theatrical productions; uses of spaces for rehearsals and conferences; workshops for theatre, dance, yoga and political groups; craft sales, bazaars and book sales; East Side Culture Crawl pit-stop.

For all the years, the federation has been in this hall, they have functioned without government grants or assistance. All the income they raise at their events goes to maintaining their wonderful hall and upgrading the equipment. Donations for repairs of the Hall’s leaky roof are greatly appreciated.

Russian Hall, 600 Campbell Avenue
Vancouver BC V6A 3K1
Bookings: 604 298 1513