Inaugural Meeting Report



May 8th, 2007   

Downtown Eastside CAN Communication Centre

The inaugural meeting of the CAN Communications Centre
took place on May 2nd at the Carnegie Centre.

The interests of the CAN Communications Centre are to
bring together everyone connected with and interested in
the Downtown Eastside Community Arts Network,
keep people informed about what is happening, and
create connections that contribute to the interests
of those involved in and served by the network

  • Creating the List
    Email addresses of people interested in the Community Arts Network are being gathered. Some addresses are not correct, some people are missing, some people need to be added, some addresses are incomplete and some have no name attached to them. Improving these connections will begin the process of creating a list of the people who want to be kept informed with news and event notices.
  • The Fearless Media Project
    The Fearless Media Project includes Fearless Magazine, Fearless TV, Fearless Radio, the Fearless Writers’ Circle, and the Fearless Festival. The Fearless Media Project will help create a positive identity for the Downtown Eastside giving residents, non-residents, and mainstream media the opportunity to showcase the Downtown Eastside as the creative, diverse, and vibrant community it is. The Fearless Media Project uses community participation as a vehicle to encourage dialogue on issues relevant to people in the Downtown Eastside by training community members in various aspects of media production.
  • Communications Workshops
    Communications workshops will be created to enable community members to participate and learn new skills in all aspects of communications and media production, including such things as,- ethics in writing, journalism, interviewing, web techniques, graphic design, television and radio.
  • Media Relations
    The mainstream media tend to reinforce negative and stereotypical images of Canada’s most notorious community. CAN media relations will bring out the vibrant community beneath the rough veneer. The best source of content for the mainstream media will be the CAN Communication Centre. Members of the media can subscribe to receive all the news and event notices.
  • Audience Development
    The CAN Communication Centre will use every resource available in the network to create connections with audiences who have an interest in the arts, cultures, and community of the Downtown Eastside, providing content of interest to the audiences of contributors and exchanging web site links.
  • Online Communications
    The CAN Communication Centre web site is underway and will be introduced in time for discussion at the next CAN Communication Centre meeting, – currently scheduled for June 6th, 2007 at 1:00 pm at the Carnegie Centre.


If you would like to be kept informed
please introduce yourself and your interests

We would like everyone to confirm their name and email address.
Please hit Reply, complete the following with your name and
as much information as you like, and hit Send.

The CAN Communication Centre respects your privacy.

Thank you.

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Next Meeting on June 6th, 2007 at 1:00 pm, Carnegie Centre

Downtown Eastside CAN Communication Centre