CAN Communication Centre Launched

The inaugural meeting of the CAN Communications Centre
took place on May 2nd at the Carnegie Centre.
The interests of the CAN Communications Centre are to
bring together everyone connected with and interested in
the Downtown Eastside Community Arts Network,
keep people informed about what is happening, and
create connections that contribute to the interests
of those involved in and served by the network
Information and ideas on How the CAN Communication Centre Works and how it contributes, along with editorial interests, editorial style, and story telling ideas to guide the writing, reporting, editing, organization and presentation of content by contributors is

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We’re All in this Together – April 19 to 29, 2007

The Shadow Project
April 19 to 29, 2007
The Russian Hall


An excellent innovative production from Vancouver Moving Theatre. The Shadows Project could easily be presented in many other venues in Vancouver engaging different audiences. A creative production that brings one much closer to the daily realities of addiction. Many excellent scenes. I loved the one that ended with the green broken glass. I loved the moving between shadows and reality, – the collage and interactions of lives involved in addictions and that addictions involve. – Leslie Adams

A drama that can say more and do more than 300 years of psychological research. The dragon is everywhere, – and within us. The trick is to live life fully without having our lives sucked up by the dragons within us. – Bruce Alexander

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The Economics of Culture

The Economics of Culture – A Community Arts Network Forum – June 20
With Professor Pier Luigi Sacco, University IUAV of Venice
Tuesday, June 20th from 10:00 am to 12:00 Noon , Carnegie Theatre, Carnegie Centre
Vancity Credit Union is sponsoring the visit of Professor Per Luigi Sacco to Vancouver from Venice , and has generously arranged for him to meet with people involved in the arts in the Downtown Eastside.
The significant role the arts can play for economic and social renewal is recognized through a number of planning initiatives in the community: the Economic Revitalization Plan, the Downtown Eastside Public Realm Plan soon to be released, and the Downtown Eastside Arts and Culture Strategic Framework and Investment Plan which is in process.
Professor Sacco teaches the economics of art, the economics of theatre, and the fundamentals of the economics of culture. He also writes extensively and is a regular contributor to Italy’s leading business newspaper, ll Sole 24 Ore.
He studies investment in immaterial capital, and culture as a guide for the creation of economic policies.The forum is being sponsored by the Downtown Eastside Community Arts Network/Community Arts Council of Vancouver .
Refreshments will be served.
Please confirm your attendance by Friday, June 16th.

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